Saturday, November 15, 2008

Taking Tea with Mom

Saturadays....shared so many of them with my Mom. One of our activities together was taking tea, sometimes at home, sometimes out, but always special. At Mom's the tea pot/coffee pot was always on for whenever someone dropped in, which was very often on a daily basis. She was a very sweet, generous, kind hostess, always something homemade and baked by her. I learned my baking skills and love of it from her. She made a "mean" apple crisp, apple pie, graham cracker cream pie, zucchini bread, texas sheet cake, cookies and many more {famous potatoe salad}. Her kitchen was a large country kitchen with orange stained cupboards made by my Dad and a huge picture window that overlooked a pond that my Dad and Grandpa created and beyond that a large field and on top of the hill, woods, they had 24 acres. They viewed turkey, deer, ducks, flowers, apple tree and waterlillies, {family and friends coming}, the weather, out of that hugh picture window. I can't imagine that window not in the kitchen, it was so much more than just a an opening to the world, that you took time to stop and admire God's creative handiwork. There was also a bird feeder with many visitors. Her kitchen was the heart of their home, abounding in love, the true gathering place. The kitchen table not only served as a place for meals, but also an entertainment center for playing cards with family and friends {several times a week} and a place where conversations over tea/coffee were heartwarming {happy times, sad times, funny times}. How wish those time had never ended, I long to be able to go there just one more time and soak it all in and feel the warmth and love. The kitchen is so much more than just a kitchen...I can only hope that my own kitchen may evoke a little bit of this for my children's memories. I can only imagine what she may be doing today in heaven using her special gifts, and skills to worship and serve the heavenly Father. I thank and praise God that he promises to reunite us for eternity.

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