Monday, December 13, 2010

Vintage Christmas Crocheted Hotpads

These vintage crocheted Christmas hotpads were my Mom's, she didn't make them but she had collected them.  They are stunning, the detail, the vintage fiber, the holiday colors, reason enough to pick them up.  I didn't ask my Mom, but now I can't help but wonder if part of the reason she may have collected them is because her Mom, in remembrance {who died when she was only 20}I was told was excellent at crochet, she sold many items she made and they needed the money back then so I don't think my mom had only one item that I know of that she did crochet {an incredible pineapple table cloth, I'll share at some future post}.   I think part of the reason we collect items from the past is the connection to other women that we feel.  This just dawned on me right now as I am writing this, missing my mother at the holidays {she made each one so special}...all of the sudden these little hotpads are giving me a feeling of a bond between my mother, grandmother {who i never knew} and me.  Funny isn't it, that these were probably picked up at some garage sale or antique store my mom was shopping out and about and now all of a sudden something some other unknown woman made is something very special to me, something my mother saw thought was pretty and picked up, maybe thinking of some special memory of her mother.  How true someone else's" junk" becomes someones elses treasure. 


LuAnn said...

Nice post with nice memories. I always miss my Mom at Christmas and my Dad, too. My tree is covered with ornaments that my Mom made, and I have a couple of her crocheted Christmas afghans. Thanks for the nice post.

Clara said...

These are just beautiful!


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