Friday, July 22, 2011

I Heart Quilts and FLowers

Daylilly's only last for a "day", hence the I decided at the end of one evening I might as well pick some blooms off and have a little fun!
Yellow, spider variety named "Slapstick".
Color, so many colors, tints and shades!

"Dark Star" is the name of this beauty.

This is one of my favorite quilts I made easy as pie, 9-patch cut twice {large 10" squares I used} and Robyn Pandolph "flirt" fabirc in greens and quilted with a very detailed floral.

Large blooms on this spider variety, larger than my hand..."wildest dreams"!

Lighting at this time of the night is so serene, love it!

Profuse blooms on this plant, which I don't recall the name of, but I've had for a couple of years so it is established , can't wait until the newer plants I have get like ths one hopefully, now it's just a 1-3 blooms at a time open and not too many on a plant.  I sure am having fun photographing them all this summer.  Have a great day!


9patchnurse said...

Those are gorgeous colors! And what a perfect quilt to go with them. I have a few daylillies but you make me want MORE!

Marydon said...

Michelle, what an exquisite presentation of your quilt & your florals. Just beautiful!
Happy PS weekend ~

zarina said...


I made hand dyed threads to sell. I came across one of your photo that I am making my new colorway - I think you called the spider lily wildest dream. Its the third photo from the bottom.

I wish to request for your approval for me to use that photo to introduce my new HDT in my blog when the threads are ready - maybe next week.

Thank you in advance.


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