Friday, August 26, 2011

Kisses & the color RED=Heart it!

Visiting Pinterest and saw a photo with this idea of raspberries and chocolate, so I just happened to be at the grocery store again...feel like I live there.  I do beleive the fruit cancels out the chocolate so they it is a healthy desert!  I have to tell you they are delicious...the berries are in season now where I live and they just burst with sweet juice when you bite into them!!!  Enjoy the photos, I had lots of fun, simple, simple, simple.

A Little "Eye Candy" to start your weekend off!  I think you could add a glass of champagne and it would be make a spectacular night!  Hugs, Michelle

1 comment:

meli B said...

That settles it. Raspberries are out of season but the chocolate stash is always in the pantry. So I'm off to enjoy some candy of my own.


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