Saturday, November 5, 2011

Alpaca Farm and Red Barns

Beautiful, sunny day in November, they are numbered for sure.  Country drive stumbled upon a another red barn and a few cows.

A new Alpac Farm and Country Store has opened up near where we live, they have a beautiful herd.  They are starting up a fiber mill and also carry my very faviorite soy candles from swan creek.  You can visit them here virtually if you are not in the western new york area.

Home now, candles lit and reflecting on my day...a pure joy to have caught a glimpse of the alpacas playing in the field running around in a circle.  Hope you are having a great day, what are you doing to enjoy the weekend?  Hugs, Michelle


Elaine said...

That baby alpacas with it's mama is endering.. I'm from a farm and I love animals. The gentle dog keeping watch over his flock.. Precious

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi MIchelle Sweetie...
Oh What a beautiful day in the countryside. I loved riding along my sweet friend. I have never seen an alpacas, and especially love those close ups of their faces. The wee ones are SO precious.

Loved seeing the sheep and the donkey as well. Now isn't that a heck of a farm? That barn just stole my heart. The color, and size. Gorgeous.

Thank you for taking me along sweet friend. Hope you are doing well. You are in my prayers each night. I am so happy to have a new computer and be able to blog again. I have missed my visits. Country hugs and much love, Sherry


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