Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doors....from Geneva

Geneva,..... New York that is, sigh...but lovely doors and entrances from vacation weekend this summer, I love old victorian houses.   Forgive some of the pics, they may be a little crooked...I had to hurry to get these with someone waiting in the car, we were on our way back.  Linking up with Beverly today, check out all the great pink posts.

Beautiful posts.

See, there is pink everywhere you just have to look, love the pink brick and the pink flowers in urn too.

This set of houses was unique because although you can't see it real well, between the two there is an area to drive your "buggy" up into, the only one along the whole street like this.

Would love a balcony!

Bike, different kind of city life.

This one is really cool with the curves repeated window of door with half curve, molding on door and then repeated in fencing and even white side moldings top and bottom.

I love the painted brick on all these older homes and the detailed iron fences too.

Notice all the brass plates on alot of these doors too, you don't see too much of that any more.

Who doesn't love a covered front porch...not alot around any more...everybody has a back deck instead, not much socializing on the porch with neighbors anymore.
Great classic porch boxes with geraniums.

Pillars and urns, very classic.

Really wish this was one was straight, one of my favorites.
A larger view of the street showing the row houses each painted differently, love it.

I even like the light fixtures hanging down and the door knobs, sweet.

You just don't see panes like this any more, maybe one down the center and one horizontal, but nothing like this detailing of panes, amazing.

Don't you just love the greenery creepy around on this one.

How many flags do you see now a days?

Calssic white, these are all very old, build from 1800's.

Aren't they amazing, when I move I'm really going to work on making my entrance door area special, I think it just really welcomes you home and make your our guests feel special.  I have one last set of doors I'm saving for Sunday's post, really spectacular.  Happy Pink Saturday!  Michelle


Terri said...

Hello Michelle,
Your Pink post is fab! I too love front doors, and old glass panes, and pink bricks! When I was in England and France I took time to take photos of many front doors. I loved it!
Thank so much for your wonderful post.
I am your newest follower : )

J.Rye said...


Visiting from Pink Saturday.
I hope that you can also visit my PINK

lristaneo said...

My hometown!!! Love those rowhouses. Had some friends that lived in a couple you showed, and they're just as beautiful inside as they are outside!


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