Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with Photos

Nicole-one of the loves of my life, my daughter!  I had soooo much fun with this photo web site, as you can see I couldn't stop, I could have kept going, but another day.

 I was reading Cielo's blog and stumbled along her post  regarding this web site  Most of the tempates are free to use.  I just used one photo for all of the effects.  Cielo's blog is amazing, if you have not been over there you must stop and visit, but make sure you have some time to spend.  Thanks Cielo for sharing this site with us and all your creativity.

I thought the chalkboard was cute, my daughter wants to be a secondary english teacher.  Let me know if you make any creations, would love to see yours.  Blessings, Michelle


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Michelle,
What a fun post. Your daughter is beautiful! It wouldn't surprise me at all to find her photo in any of the places in real life.
Patricia :o)

Allie said...

Looks so fun! I'll have to check out those sites.

CIELO said...

Cute cute cute!! She's darling! and isn't that fun! ;) I'm glad I brought you there! And thanks for the honor! Blessings to you and yours....


Millie said...

Your daughter is so beautiful, her mommy too. looks like she had so much fun.


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