Monday, January 21, 2013

One more blog

Hello, time seems to be slipping by me, I have so many things I'm working on and am so excited for the New Year. One item on the agenda is to change my blogging a little. I am starting another blog where I'am going to focus on all my other interest other than quilting and keep this blog just for quilting LOVE. So I hope you will join me over at:

I'm hoping to feature various quilt topics on this blog and of course lots of photos of Quilts. My other blog I going to focus on my faith, my dreams, gardening, cooking, knitting, crochet, reading, decorating and stamping. So my next post here will be all on quilting, please stay tuned here and I would love for you to follow me over at Angel Rose Cottage too. So let me know, does anyone else manage more than one blog, and tips?

 Best wishes for 2013, Michelle

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Abby / Linda said...

Yes, I do manage more than one blog and three Etsy shops! (Although one of those is closing in February.) My original blog:

gets most of my attention and the newer one, gets less attention, since it only depends on my current writing project:

I've been blogging for over four years and keep my original blog general, since I like lots of mediums and avenues of creativeness and inspiration. I started another blog for my writing but it has evolved into art and writing, since I am currently writing and illustrating a children's book. I don't worry about keeping them both up every day, but I do enjoy them both!

Good luck with your new blog and I will follow over there too!


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