Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Lilly Farm VIsit

Finger Lakes weekend vacation this summer on Seneca Lake, one of the things I was lucky enough to stumble upon was a daylilly farm, that is open one day a year and sells their daylillies, I came home with eight to add to my garden collection {of course had I known ahead of time I would have arranged my little extra more for flowers}.  While cashing out someone heard my address and spoke up and said they were from my area and told me about a daylilly association locally to join, amazing that they were there too, always fun to meet other gardeners.

Guess I'd better stop that's 18 photos...there were, did I mention over 2,000 different daylillies.  Of course it was between 12-3:00pm I was there, bright sunlight to shoot in, but you work with what you have sometimes, because that's all you get.  I tried showing some variety of close-ups with overview of the fields to give you a sense of the space and to break up the close-up portrait after close-up of each flower.  Hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy God's beauty all around you, he is magnificent in his creations, amen.  Blessings, Michelle

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Flowers and Pearls

Daylillies were beautiful this year, the drought didn't seem to bother them, although I did water them somewhat. 
Horzontal view with a different texture.

Have a slow, peaceful day, enjoy the moments!--Michelle
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Rose

My faviorite flower...The Rose, I never grow tired of admiring it, photographing it,enjoying it's sweet aroma, I love roses.  What's your favorite flower?, it is hard to name just one for me.  I tend to favor the old cottage roses, espeically the David Austin ones.  The soft pretty pink one below is a tea rose bud.

I usedkkim Klassan's textures today, zuzu and organic, having fun combining textures lately.  Linking up with Kim and Leann and Beverly, this week. 
Blessings, Michelle

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prayer-The 12 Significant...

The Twelve most significant insights and effective insights about prayer, taken from the book "Opening the gates of Heaven" by Perry Stone {great book} on my reading shelf now.

1.  Bow yur knees in prayer
2.  Include the Lord's Payer
3  Prayer requires quality time
4.  Pray as long as the burden starys
5.  Pray without ceasing
6.  Don't be influenced by surroundings
7.  Pray for your family's protection daily
8.  Pray in the spirit
9.  Learn to discern spiritual suddenlies
10. Conclude with praise
11.  God answers prayers for His glory
12.  Pray in the spirit...with the interpretation

In his book each one of these has about a page or two explaining in more detail, very insightful. 
Blessings, praise God--Michelle

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you..
-Matthew 6:33

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pink Saturday-Blueberry Jam

Pink Saturday-linking up with Beverly:  Linking up today with Pink Saturday    July and August are producing harvest fast with this hot weather, produce is coming and going fast.  I've made my traditional annual blueberry jam {the pink today is in the pot holders} and frozen whole berries for muffins this winter.    

I'm  always a bit messy.

I think blueberry is one of the easiest, the fruit preparation is so simple.  Anyone else doing any canning?  Next on my list is pickles and peaches.    Blessings, Michelle

Here and There

Happy Friday, linking up with Leanne and Kim.
 This pretty butterfly was flittering from one flower to the next, hardly staying put before I could click the shutter on this sunny hot summer day. 
I used Kim Klasson textures soft light and urban on this one.  Have a great Friday!
Blessings, Michelle


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