Friday, May 13, 2011

Kaffe Patchwork using Accuquilt-Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday-stop on over to Beverly our lovely hostess and check out all of the links.

Work in Progress...this is one of my many.  I used my Accuquilt Studio to cut 10 layers at a time of 3 1/2" squares...I'm making basic 16 patchwork blocks with 2 colors in each block for a total of 6 blocks across and 8 blocks down for a total of 48 blocks and 92 different contrasting Kaffe color prints!!! 

Took these with the phone camera, so the pics aren't great, but here are two down, need to press, and 46 more to sew and press.  I love seeing the color combinations come together.
These two KF books have the basic patchwork quilt in two colorways in each book, my inspiration.
Something about patchwork with lots and lots of prints that I just love, I think that's what I love best about antique quilts, all the leftover prints somehow just work together to make a beautiful quilt.

The blocks that standout and work best are the ones with contrast, this one has the warm tones the one above the pastels.

This one is a variation of 9 patch with a 1 block in between, just as lovely, you can see possibilities are endless, these green tones are lovely in the book my phone doesn't do it justice.

This is my very favorite and what really inspired me, I love the painted vases and flowers above, so romantic.

This pile is all my squares cut and matched with another print and put in baggies, I just pull out one bag at a time and sew the 16 squares and move on to the next.  Once they are all sewn I'll arrange them for rows. 
Happy Pink Saturday, enjoy the day....I'm off to a quild quilt show, so I will have a couple of post coming up this week with all the beauty and creativity I'm about to go see tomorrow morning. 
Hugs, Michelle


Carol at Serendipity said...

I am a major Kaffe fan as well. Love your blog!


LV said...

A post after my heart. Dearly love quilts. You are doing a wonderful job on this one.

Exuberant Color said...

I have always wanted to make that quilt too. I love the checkerboard look to it. You may have just pushed me over the edge.......I may not wait any longer.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Michelle, and thanks for your visit. I love all your quilts and admire anyone who can do that! Have a wonderful weekend.


Marydon said...

Michelle, your quilts are breathtakingly beautiful. Even tho I own 3,600 feedsacks, I can't sew a lick ... you are amazing.

Have a beautiful PINK weekend ~

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Char said...

The patchwork is gorgeous. I just can't figure out how you do this. I love quilts and want to see so much more. You inspire me, now if only I could buy some more time......
Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Gail said...

Your quilts are 3 layers above gorgeouse


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