Monday, August 24, 2009

Doll Quilt Challenge #2

Inspriation: Zig Zag Quilt along at Old Red Barn hosted by Amy from Park City.

DQC#2: Machine pieced and quilted, fabric Kaffe Fassett. Quilt design, Kim Diamond, pinwheels, superior thread, so-fine-green.

This was fundusing such virbrant colors and I liked the geometric design. I think the pinwheel quilting enhanced the quilt and the green thread complimented well.

"I pray that my children may grow in the grace and knowlege ofour Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3:18)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Deeds A Revelation

Have you ever had one of those times where something will pop up more than once, like, hey pay attention, are you getting this. Last Sunday I posted about heaven because I was thinking of my Dad, and one verse stuck out in Revelation 20: 12 "I saw the dead, great and small, standing before God; and The Books were opened, including the Book of Life.. And the dead were judged according to the things written in The llBooks, each according to the deeds he had done.". Then I was listening to the radio and ron hutchcrafts message on 21 Aug stuck out on the same subject. Then on 21 Aug the verse on my blog was "James 2:26 As the body without the spirt is dead, so faith without deeds is dead." Well, my Daddy went "Home" to be with the Lord seven years ago 21 Aug. When these thoughts of "deeds" have been popping up I started remember all of the wonderful deeds my Dad did in his lifetime. At the time, when I was growing up I remember we would sometimes moan and groan over them..he'd stop to help someone with auto trouble and we'd be left sitting in the car when we were on our way go have some fun, or he'd be at the neighbors helping or up at some friends helping with plumbing or whatever they needed, leaving less time for our selfish fun. He was the type of guy who was all around handy and always willing to give of his time and labor which we were not always appreciating. God must have been accumulating glory. Now at this point in my life, I smile and think wow, my dad was awesome he was so kind and so giving, and I can't wait to see him again.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet Treats for Pink Saturday

Please be sure to visit Beverly over at
She is our lovely hostess of all this fun


A card and a couple of tags I made with rubber stamping. I was at the grocery store and saw these "sweet" treats and thought oh they'd make great photos for my PS, so with a phone camera and through glass I took these photos, not too bad considering. They still look pretty temping. Happy PS, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Orange Cosmos-Outdoor Wenesday

Please visit Susan our wonderful hostess of this even and see her great thunderstorm shots this week, and also the other participants of OW.
Can you say orange. Orange Cosmos that is. I collected these seeds from plants two years ago and threw them in the ground this year and they, well, produced very well. I probably should have thinned them out, and placed some all around, but I was too lazy. Happy Outdoor Wednesday, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Doll Quilt Challenge #1

Inspiration: (Book)-Amish Doll Quilts, Dolls and Other Play Things, by Rachel l& Kenneth Pellann, (Plain page 29 and Open Square Page 30).
DQC#1: machine pieced and machine quilted. Fabric Robin Pandolph-Flirt, Quilt Design-Kim Diamond. Thread-Superior, So-Fine-pink.

I enjoyed the challenge of using a palette of only two colors, other than the binding which is ivory the same as the backing. With all the choices in the color spectrum we have available to us this was a challenge for me. I'm one of those, who when I find something I like...I think well lets pick one up in each color. So I'm faced with, ok, I like it, should we create one in every color combination? Then what about quilt patterns, we could try different patterns on each quilt, oh and then thread color...the range. See how dangerous just a simple quilt can be for me....yikes...anyone else run into this "selection problem".

Scriptures to pray for the children in your life:
"Lord, let salvation spring up within my childfen that they may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory." (Is. 45:8, 2 Tim 2:10)

Personal Doll Quilt Challenge 40/40

I am challenging myself to make one doll quilt a week for the next forty (40) weeks. I'll be posting once a week on Mondays.

Have you ever felt like you just discovered something to get into, that everyone else has already been doing for a while, but you just found it. That is what happened to me with doll quilts. I'd seen some rather beauitful doll quilts on some blogs as I was surfing around. Then, several aspects of doll quilting came my way. First I needed a gift for my cousin's daughter, so I made a couple of doll quilts. Next, I saw the opportunity to participate in the doll quilt 7 challenge, so I jumped in. Then, I had a quilting client who is in charge of programs at one of the quilt guilds I belong to mention she was having a hard time getting programs for the meetings so I said "I'd be happy to put a program on". Um...what could I speak on...I don't remember anyone speaking at any of the guilds on doll quilts....I could do that. Which lead me to order 11 books on line (since every book store I called locally had none) on doll quilting...I thought I better do some research to put a powerpoint presentation together. So one thing has lead to the I need some examples for a trunk show to go along with the here I am with my challenge.

Why 40-forty? I've read that the Bible is clear that God considers 40 days a spirtually significant time period (reports Rick Warren in in book Purpose Driven Life). I'm thinking since I'm making doll quilts it would be appropriate to pray scriptures for all the children in our life, so I'll post some scripture with each post.

Follow along with me on my journey...I'm so excited, I've already learned so much by the little bit I've read. Best of all what a sense of accomplishment to finish a little doll quilt and have results of your creativity each week. Something to look forward to each week, escape from all of the demands that daily life brings us in our hectic, fast paced 21st century life.

Thank you to all of you very talented quilters out there who share all your show and tells, they are so inspirational...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Little Taste of Heaven

Some notes from the Ladies Friday Morning Oasis I attended many, many years ago, but have saved.
It's not a fairytale. It's a real place, we're on our way, it's right around the corner, we're going there.
Some names that are used for heaven: eternity, sweet by and by, perily gates, the here after, go to glory, new Jerselum, Paradise, Mansion in the sky, Kingdom of God, my Father's house, Home, up yonder, streets of gold, royal courts.
Heaven is real: It's in our hearts (Ecclesiates 3:11), The Holy Spirit is a deposit of Heaven (II Corinthians 5:5), For those whose faith is on Jesus (Revelation 14:12-13).

Priase God-Have a blessed week.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pink Saturday

Please be sure to visit Beverly over at She is our lovely hostess of all this fun.

Happy Pink Saturday. I apologize for getting this up late today. I have a litlle bit of this and a little bit of that this week. First, from my garden this week, new rose bush I put in a few weeks ago, some glads...just starting to bloom this week, and the last of my stargazer lillies. Next is a sweet hankerchief pillow I purchased several years ago the detail has some small seed beads sewing in, above my stove...I printed some photos on fabric and quilted and framed them, a little self imposed project. The stack of books are some of my favs and yes there is some pink, the knicknack is from my grandmother's house, not sure what it is (maybe a candy dish). This is one of the tote bags I make on my quilt machine and last is what I needed this week was to pamper myself with a pedicure...I can't believe I'm posting my feet, but I am, I am proud of this pretty pink polish. Just part of my week this week was my friend blogger (many of you know) Debbie's daughter Amy is in the hospital, my co-worker's baby 9 weeks old died (heart problems) and my daughter was supposed to get a cast off her foot thursday and they took it off and put another one back on, the stress fracture is not healed yet.......another 4 weeks and check again, ugh. thanks for stopping by, I think I will need to visit some preety pink blog post today...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seven Things That I know are Always True About God

I know God is a good God. (Good and upright is the LORD. Ps. 25:8)

I know God is on my side. (The LROD is on my side. Ps 118:6, God is for me Ps. 56:9)
I know God's laws and ways are for my benefit. (The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether...And in keeping them there is great reward Ps 19:9, 11)
I know God is always with me. (I will never leave you nor forsake you. (Heb. 13:5)
I know God wants me restored. (For you have delivered my soul from death. Ps. 116:*)
I know God's promises to me will never fail. (Your faithfulness endures to all generations. Ps. 119:90)
I know God is always the winner. (He shall prevail against His enemies Isa. 42:130

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prayer-The Promise of God's Power

Dear Father: Please stir my heart to reach out for all that you have promised me. Forgive my dependence on human resources rather than on your power. Teach me to pray and wait upon you in humility and faith; send the wind and fire of your spirit upon me. Transform me into a person who bears powerful witness in word and deeed to the reality of Jesus Christ our Savior. I ask all of this in his previous name. Amen

From the Book: The Promise of God's Power By Jim Cymbala

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pink Saturday

Please stop by Beverly's blog, our sweet hostess and view her pink Saturday and all the other links to the other participants.
I've added about 20 perenials to my garden this year and I'm really pleased with the way the color and design has worked out, lots of different pinks, oranges and yellows, I'm really enjoying them, for a few years I've done nothing not knowing if I would be staying in my home.
This stack of lovelly bolts is from Kaffe Fassett collection of Big Blooms and I just love this line of pretty flowers with polka dots, I secretly hope no one buys any of this would just be too bad if I was stuck with all of it (hee hee). Here's part of my stack of 5" squares for my zig zag quilt along, 5" squares are so much fun to work with, so many patterns you can use them in. Here's another pillow case I made using my favorite RP fabric flirt with the "pink" roses. This photo is of my 4 year old neice in the pool, you will never see a photo of me like this posted.... but I hope to be able to get out there today and do a little of this....its been such a cool and rainy summer here....I've only been in the pool for 10 minutes 2 times to clean it, but todays weather is supppose to be 80's and inbetwen running to the post office, cleaning, and quilting...I am hoping to steel an hour to swim and read a book in the sun. Happy Pink Saturday, thanks for stopping by.


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