Monday, August 17, 2009

Personal Doll Quilt Challenge 40/40

I am challenging myself to make one doll quilt a week for the next forty (40) weeks. I'll be posting once a week on Mondays.

Have you ever felt like you just discovered something to get into, that everyone else has already been doing for a while, but you just found it. That is what happened to me with doll quilts. I'd seen some rather beauitful doll quilts on some blogs as I was surfing around. Then, several aspects of doll quilting came my way. First I needed a gift for my cousin's daughter, so I made a couple of doll quilts. Next, I saw the opportunity to participate in the doll quilt 7 challenge, so I jumped in. Then, I had a quilting client who is in charge of programs at one of the quilt guilds I belong to mention she was having a hard time getting programs for the meetings so I said "I'd be happy to put a program on". Um...what could I speak on...I don't remember anyone speaking at any of the guilds on doll quilts....I could do that. Which lead me to order 11 books on line (since every book store I called locally had none) on doll quilting...I thought I better do some research to put a powerpoint presentation together. So one thing has lead to the I need some examples for a trunk show to go along with the here I am with my challenge.

Why 40-forty? I've read that the Bible is clear that God considers 40 days a spirtually significant time period (reports Rick Warren in in book Purpose Driven Life). I'm thinking since I'm making doll quilts it would be appropriate to pray scriptures for all the children in our life, so I'll post some scripture with each post.

Follow along with me on my journey...I'm so excited, I've already learned so much by the little bit I've read. Best of all what a sense of accomplishment to finish a little doll quilt and have results of your creativity each week. Something to look forward to each week, escape from all of the demands that daily life brings us in our hectic, fast paced 21st century life.

Thank you to all of you very talented quilters out there who share all your show and tells, they are so inspirational...


Maya Madhavan said...

This sounds like such fun. I am looking forward to see your creations. The quilt you made for DQS7 is so elegant!

Béa said...

I am looking forward to see your creations, I love the simplicity of Your DSQ 7

Terrie Sandelin said...

The doll quilt you show here is so beautiful in its simplicity! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your doll quilts!


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