Monday, January 16, 2012

The Meaning of the Snowman-1000 Gifts

Linking up with Ann over at  Stop over and feel encouraged.  Her post is absolutely wonderful today...answer to Anxiety!  Read and be lifted from stresses today my friends.

Since we have snow here outside, I thought I'd share some snowman I made indoors, hand stamped cards, along with a cute little poem.

The Meaning of the Snowman

The white snow stands for the purity of souls filled with God's grace. The circular snowballs represent God's everlasting love.
The pieces of coal used to make the eyes, mouth and buttons symbolize God's Almighty power.
The carrot nose reminds us that God gives us everything we need to live and grow.
The scarf suggests the warmth of God's tender care.
The top hat reminds us always to keep faith our top priority.
The arms are outstretched to us, as God's always are.
The broom made of starw and wood signifies that Jesus was born and died to cleanse us of sin.
May your heart be ever warmed by the good news of God's great love for you!
Author Unknown

1000 Gifts and Counting
Healthy and able to clean my house
Privilege of being in Christ's family and being called by his wonderful name-1st Peter 4:16
son  who snowblows driveway
Special abilities God has given me-1st Peter 4:10
daughter who is compassionate
Partner with Christ in his suffering...wonderful joy of sharing his glory...1st Peter 4:13
sister who is kind and thoughtful
...God will never fail me-1st Peter 4:19
girlfriend who takes me to lunch for my birthday
Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.-1st Peter 5:7
flower seeds collected from my garden
...give me his eternal glory...He personally will come and pick me up...and make me strong than ever...-1st Peter 5:10

This music video is Vicki Beeching sing "Cativated"-hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I have one of Vicki's albums and I just love listening to her sing.
 Blessings, hope, joy and peace to you, Michelle


Lisa said...

Just beautiful Michelle.... thanks for posting... very encouraging words.. Love what you have said what you are thankful for :-)

Marydon said...

Beautiful share Michelle. Sending the kid-lings the snowman story ... perfect to share.

Have a lovely day ~

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Your cards are just adorable and I love the sweet snowman poem! Such a wonderful list of gifts you have. I love how you have so many verses listed! Sounds like you have a very special family!

Charissa Steyn said...

so cute just love this post!! found your blog today from Ann's site :)


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