Friday, December 26, 2008

Making Choices

All throughout history God has allowed people to make the choice how they want to live. All throughout life we have many choices to make as we travel this journey on early. There is only one choice that will impact us for all eternity. No one human will have a perfectlife. Since Adam came into the world and chose to live separated from God, that sin choice has spread through the whole human race, putting a chasm between God and humans. From that moment, God set His plan in place, a stairway that will close the chasm between heaven and earth, because God loves us so much he does not want us to be separated from Him. At christ's birth, god gave us the ultimate Christmas Gift. 33 years after His birth, Jesus chose to remove the chasm that separates us humans from our God by taking the penalty of our sin choices. he died on the cross andkeeping one of His many promises, rose again three days later. there have been many great people in this world, but there has only been one person that chose to die and then come back to life again for eternity, so each generation of people can put their faith in Him and know that when we die we too will come back to life for eternity in Heaven. God allows us to make choices in our life. What choice have you made? To live life on your own, separate form God, or to live with God at the center of your universe? It is the only life or death choice you will ever make for eternity!

Pray to Accept Jesus...
heavenly Father,
I realize that I am not perfect. Living life on my own is not easy, I need Your help, I choose today to accept the love You give me through Your Son, Jesus, and I will follow You the rest of my days. Thank you for Your forgiveness and life in eternity with You. In Jesus name. Amen.

Taken from EHWC Advent 2008 "HIS"TORY Our Journey with Jesus

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