Saturday, September 3, 2011

Praise God-Sunflowers

I had sooooo much fun in a patch of sunflowers Wednesday night, here are a couple of photos I took and then altered in photoshop with some scripture. 

I do hope you enjoyed viewing and mediating on these scriptures, have a wonderful Lord's day.
Blessings, Michelle

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hannah said...

Hi Michelle,
What an impressive CV. And the long-arm quilting sounds fascinating. Beats having to be subjected to a Quilting Bee :-)
Fancy owning one of those and working with it.
I love the last Sunflower picture with the texture. I like this combination better than the one with Autumn Burst. Althought that in itself is fabulous. I worked with it yesterday and was overcome by the result.
We are so lucky to be given a chance to use kk's free textures.
Love your blog. Pictures superb. Wish you could quilt my one and only patchwork for me :-)


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