Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pink Saturday-Fluers

Happy Birthday, to Beverly our special hostess of this weekly gathering of friendship and pink fun.  Stop on over and see all the other links today.

Beverly said she wanted pink and yellow theme for this special "decade" celebration.

I just can't believe how the month of July has flown by...I looked and I only had one other post this month.  It has been crazy, I've been spending an hour at night watering all the flowers, I've been looking at houses....and finally after five months my house is sold with buyer's sales contingencylifted and their loan committment...I've found yet another house I like and am in the process of getting an offer in and they've counter offered but it's looking good.  Wow, what a process I sold myself {and when I say myself I mean my Father in Heaven} without a real estate agent and saved a ton of money and the newest house I'm hoping for is just the most perfect house for us, truly a gift from God.  So, I'm starting the process of packing, tossing and giving...lived in this house for 23 years, so it is  bittersweet, change is never easy, but sometimes necessary and there will always be pros and cons to these decisions.  Well if you're still reading, I don't usually write this much, I'm more about the visual photos...don't worry I've also taken a ton of photos this summer and will have lots to post about coming up, I'm also almost done with another crocheted afghan, just finishing up on the border and then will block it and photograph it, plus there are several quilts in the making and will be lots of stamped cards to show off.  What's been keeping you busy this summer?  Oh there were three graduation parties with neice and nephews, birthday parities and one get away weekend to the Finger Lakes.
Blessings, Hugs,.....Michelle 


LV said...

You are right, no move is easy. I said when we moved here from East Texas I would never move again. The only way it will be is when they haul me off. I have been here since 1964.

Marydon said...

Moving is NOT my favorite thing, but I go with the flow dragging.

We have been head deep in vintage feedsacks this summer. Over 4,000 now. It has been fabulous.

Have a great weekend ~

Admin said...

Have a nice day!!!!
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