Friday, September 28, 2012

Burlap Shabby Chic Tote Bag

linking up today with Courtney here:

Burlap...seems to be the "in" thing right now and I found the sweetest burlap with a black print to make these quilted {yes three layers of burlap, cotton batting and backing}tote bags with.  Added some black lace, a 3-D black flower pin and a taupe seambinding ribbon to complete the look.  The handles are nice and long to go over the shoulder and this is really durable bag for all kinds of uses {yarn goes my totes}. 
Of course, my daughter keeps asking me when she's ever going to get a tote from me...I may have to put one aside for Christmas for her.  Blessings, Michelle

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Texture Tuesday-Sunflower

Welcome to Testure Tuesday, albiet late, 10:34 pm!  Kim asked us to use her partings tking texture today, so here is my sunflower with said texture.  Linking up over here, go check out the great creativity!
Grew this in a pot this year on my deck, came out smaller than packet said, my first attempt for sunflowers, but still very pretty to look at.  Suppose to be edible seeds on this variety or organic heirloom.  Have a great day, smiles to you.
Blessings, Michelle

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strip Quilts Featured

Featuring Strip Quilts today, an awesome way to using jelly rolls, use up scaps, piece something quickly, or concentrate on a desiger grouping.  Stirps can vary in width, strips sometimes are even pieced.    Sizing varies from baby size quilts to lap quilts and larger.  They make nice charity quilts.  Enjoy the variety below, you can discover them in so many places.  This one below is one I made last fall using Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  It's just a small lap quilt.
This one below came from one of my favorite places to spend time now days {pinterest} can type in search box strip quilts.  This one is also from a wonderful blogger "Red Pepper Quilts".
The below quilt is from over at "filinthefridge" and she has a wonderful little tutorial.
Another great tutorial of a slightly different variation from another great blogger over at cluckcluck sew.
You can fnd this fresh modern quilt below on an etsy site, where many you can purchase many great items.
My friend Millie has a "twist" for the below strip quilt.
Another tutorial, pieced strip from vintage sheets over here:
Here's number ten to look at...with anohter variation and tutorial:
For more inspiration check out:
Happy Stitching, Michelle

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to School -Texture Tuesday

Texture Tuesday-stop over and visit Kim's blog and check out all the posts.  Theme today is Back to School.

This is my version of back to school...I love to read, and I love flowers and pearls, so I've combined them all.  I used Kim's paperscript texture on darker color at 51%, I like them minimal change, not too heavy to overpower the original photo which I liked just the way it is.
Blessing, Have a great day!  Michelle

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cupcakes, Cookies, and Flowers

Linking up with:

Sometimes good things come in three's!  The first are these delicious, decadent cupcakes.  If you like sweet, you are going to love these.  Brownie, carmel and seasalt.  A carmel kiss surprise inside {recipe on pinterest|
Chocolate chip cookies with a surprise inside!
Oreo''s like eating 3 cookies at once, yum!
Zinnia's and a quilt, rocker on porch!

Enjoy every moment, each is a gift from Him!  Praise God for blessing after blessing.
Blessings, Michelle

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Texture Tuesday-Photo Fav

Texture Tuesday link up with Kim.  Today's theme, just any photo that is a fav and not even altered necessarily, so I just picked a snap shot that I love.

Babysitting for my sister...well he is four years old and his sister is seven, but they are sooo much fun, I have a toy box and when they come to Aunt Michelle's they know it's playtime! 
You should have seen the dance moves and oh my goodness the sounds were halarious, he sounded just like a rock star voice, my daughter and I couldn't stop laughing.
:) Michelle

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bemus Point-Day get away

Labor Day weekend, each year we have our annual family and friend picnic at Bemus Point on Chautauqua Lake.  The weather was beautiful, warm and the trees provided the right amount of shade.  We grew up boating on this lake and it is a beautiful place for a summer vacation.

There's always plenty of food, of course.

Playground for the kids and yes I sat on the swing for a few back and forths too.

When I was growing up there was no bridge here, you either drove around the lake or....

took the ferry, besides cars, walkers and bikers and cross now days for only a donation.

Used to water ski in this cove, my Dad was the best driver.

Ferry in operation since 1811!

I'd like one of these, nice party boat for the family.

On the left is the deck to the "Casino" a restaurant on the water, pull your boat up and dock and go in for some wings and a beer.

The "Summer Wind" a tour boat.

This is a famous spot people like to sit on the colored rockers on the porch with a drink and watch the boats go by.

When I was a teenager, there was a lot of dancing at this bar/restaurant.  Someone made the really cool sand sculture for the weekend.

Horse and carriage rides going on...background are the new condos they built over look Bemus bay.

The west setting sun is always georgous usually reflecting in the water, the perfect ending to a lovely day.
Praise God for a lovely, wonderful day yesterday.  Hugs, Michelle

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Church doors

One more set of doors continued from Saturday's post from Geneva, NY.  These were just spectacular.

Isn't this a beautifully grand entrance into the Lord's House of worship.  Praise and glory to him.  Hope you had a wonderful day.  Blessings, Michelle

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Doors....from Geneva

Geneva,..... New York that is, sigh...but lovely doors and entrances from vacation weekend this summer, I love old victorian houses.   Forgive some of the pics, they may be a little crooked...I had to hurry to get these with someone waiting in the car, we were on our way back.  Linking up with Beverly today, check out all the great pink posts.

Beautiful posts.

See, there is pink everywhere you just have to look, love the pink brick and the pink flowers in urn too.

This set of houses was unique because although you can't see it real well, between the two there is an area to drive your "buggy" up into, the only one along the whole street like this.

Would love a balcony!

Bike, different kind of city life.

This one is really cool with the curves repeated window of door with half curve, molding on door and then repeated in fencing and even white side moldings top and bottom.

I love the painted brick on all these older homes and the detailed iron fences too.

Notice all the brass plates on alot of these doors too, you don't see too much of that any more.

Who doesn't love a covered front porch...not alot around any more...everybody has a back deck instead, not much socializing on the porch with neighbors anymore.
Great classic porch boxes with geraniums.

Pillars and urns, very classic.

Really wish this was one was straight, one of my favorites.
A larger view of the street showing the row houses each painted differently, love it.

I even like the light fixtures hanging down and the door knobs, sweet.

You just don't see panes like this any more, maybe one down the center and one horizontal, but nothing like this detailing of panes, amazing.

Don't you just love the greenery creepy around on this one.

How many flags do you see now a days?

Calssic white, these are all very old, build from 1800's.

Aren't they amazing, when I move I'm really going to work on making my entrance door area special, I think it just really welcomes you home and make your our guests feel special.  I have one last set of doors I'm saving for Sunday's post, really spectacular.  Happy Pink Saturday!  Michelle


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