Friday, September 11, 2009

Pink Saturday

My neice turned 4 years old and she had a wonderful little birthday party. My sister made a really cute barbie princess doll cake, and my other sister her mother found all these wonderful disney princess costumes at a garage sale and then her Barbie Car was sooooo cute, she loved that. Great fun being 4!


Mary said...

It must have been a fantastic day for her :-). She looks really cute and really happy. I hope you are having a great day.

♥Mimi♥ said...

L♥ve your pink goodies this week. Just when I think I have enough pink in my life I participate in Pink Saturday and see even more sweet things I’d enjoy having in my home or flowers for my gardens or just to look at☺ What could be better than the color pink dancing in your head all morning?

She sure is a little Princess☺

Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping your weekend is filled with sunshine and the comfort of those you love and who love you.

*karendianne. said...

I love pink saturday. Never fails to bring out the big smile on my face. What a sweet sweet day and oh but that cake! And how fun with the car. I can imagine how excited I would have been.

You know, it's so nice to see a family taking the time and making the special effort to make a special young girl FEEL special and KNOW she is special. It's starts here, at home, on occasions like this.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Michele; AWWWW how cute she is.. love the fashion show I bet she was just having a blast... And that pink jeep,,, oh wow I want Pink cake so yummy,,, a 4yr olds dream...

Happy Pink Saturday


Millie said...

I love your Pink Saturday! What a cute 4 year old girl with a Princess party. The dress and cake is so sweet...just think of the sweet memories she is going to have.


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