Monday, September 7, 2009

Quilts quilted for clients

These are a few photos of quilts that my clients have made that I quilted. I enjoy working on each one of them and feel honored to do so. I love seeing each person's choice of color and pattern and some patterns over and over again with different fabrics.


Anonymous said...

I love the top one and the very bottom one. LOL. I can't help it but I feel very drawn to both of those. As always marvelous work on the quilting :)

*karendianne. said...

I really enjoyed these. I like to note my initial comments that I sometimes say outloud. When I do that, I like to share. What did I say when I saw the first quilt?

"MMMmm, that has a nice flow to it!" I really liked the movement in concert with the quilt colors and pattern. Of course they are both lovely and the oak leaves (is that right?) are oh my gosh amazing!

Millie said...

Just beautiful quilts and quilting. Thank you so much for sharing all your customer quilts with us. It is always fun to look at quilts...I learn every day more and more and the best thing is I am having a good time doing it.


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