Sunday, July 24, 2011

We pray because...

Lillies from my garden, praise God for all the beautiful flowers this year.

We pray because we want to thank someone or something for the beauties and glories for life, and also because we feel small and helpless and sometimes afraid.  We pray for forgivenes, for strength, for contact with the One who is, for assurance that we are not alone. {from Yancey's book Prayer}

A few Prayers in the Bible {from Yancey's book Prayer}
Genesis 18:  Abraham's plea for Sodom.
Exodus 15:  Moses' song to the Lord.
Exodus 33:  Moses meets with God.
2 Samuel 7:  David's response to God's promises.
1 Kings 8:  Solomon's dedication of the temple.
2 Chronicles 20:  Jehoshaphat prays for victory.
Ezra 9:  Ezra's prayer for the people's sins.
Psalm 22:  A cry to God for help.
Psalm 104:  A payer of praise.
Daniel 9:  Daniel's prayer for the salvation for Jeursalem.
Habakkuk 3:  A prophet's prayer of acceptance.
Matthew 6:  The Lord's prayer.
John 17:  Jesus' prayer for his disciples.
Colossians 1:  Paul's prayer of thanksgiving.

Blessings, Michelle

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