Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday Mosaics

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Every year my sister and her husband have a huge party with everyone dressing up in costumes, they rent a jump house have a haunted barn and lots of fun food, crafts for the kids.  Every year I struggle with if I should attend or not, I HATE Halloween and as a Christian I wonder if I should be going to the party or not, I do a lot of praying  and I go, I talk with family, eat and leave.  Next year, I will not be attending, I feel as though I am offending my heavely Father, if he was to return at that moment what would I want him to see my doing, saying, not that I think.  So next year there will be no photos like this, as fun as they may be, I just can't no longer participant at any level.


Exuberant Color said...

I have the same concerns about Halloween and stay away from any celebrations of it.

Cape Pincushion said...

Halloween is not such a big deal in South Africa yet, but the media and big retailers are trying to make it more popular (to sell stuff, of course). I agree with you, Halloween is definitely not a Godly celebration, when I lived in Canada I stayed away from it. I do miss pumpkin pie in the fall though, I wish we had it here.


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