Saturday, October 15, 2011

Praise God-Fall Blessings and a Give Away

Today's Praise God post is on "counting my blessings"...check out Ann's blog:, "One thousand gifts" is her incredible book I am reading.  I can't put it down, started it on 8th of October.  I was playing with photoshop textures so the book does not look so grungy in reality.  Ann writes from the heart, she puts herself out there for all to see, her writing is poetic, a marvelous read!
So today I have about a dozen moments I'm counting as gifts.

#94.  Jesus Lover of my soul
#95  There is no fear in love, but perfect love cast out fear.  1 John 4:18
#96  Son frugelness-buys hair clippers
#97  Chai Tea Latte's
#98  Daughter's gift to Mom-ceramic mug
#99  My name in the Book of Life
#100  Rejoice in the Lord always, I say again Rejoice.  Philipians 4:4
#101  Color tinged tree tops dancing in the wind
#102  Mums-yellow, purple, white and maroon
#103  Cousin who chats with me and listens
#104  Delicious Apple cake
#105  Photos of Fall to treasure

One of my faviorite songs!  Keep looking up...Michelle

*Just noticed that this is my 100th post this year, leave a comment and I will pick a winner, A "gift" to count.  A pack of handmade cards and tags all in a Fall theme.  :)


Pat said...

I do believe that God is strongly urging me to read One Thousand are the second blogger to be sharing about its value. Thank you for sharing your beautiful fall flowers with us - love the colors so much.

Sharon said...

OMG the colors are just beautiful....I look around myself at all the colors that our Lord has provided us and think of all the beauty and it helps me get thru the rough patches sometimes...Wonderful blogpost and I too have heard of this book and would like to get it for myself. Have a wonderful SUnday...

dot said...

God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. His blessing always amaze me. Beautiful fall colors.

gill said...

All those amazing colours!
I love the yellow chrysanthemums especially!

Sallie said...

#99 - YES! The source of true joy!


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