Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter Beach/Park Photos

February 20th-a beautiful, cold, sunny winter day...stroll by the park and beach taking a few photos, listening to the seagulls and canadian geese talk and the wave rolling into the shore, peaceful and tranquil.

Lake Ontario.
Isn't this stonework beautiful!
A self portrait,at the right bottom of photo...

These trees must be at least 50-100 years old I'm thinking.

The benches if you look closely trail all the way down the of this "front row" view of the Lake.

Did anyone miss my postings for a couple of weeks, my intranet was down, I can tell you I missed  visiting.

   Cute, adorable little picket fence.
Isn't this neat, 1873...139 years old, amazing.
On a clear day I'm told you can see Toronto across the Lake.
It was so funny to see almost all seagulls on one pier and on the other one, not picutred here, were all the canadian geese, each flocking with their own kind.  These were the quick 5 minutes of photographing time I had to enjoy...but even 5 minutes at a beach in the winter can bring some joy and serentiy to your life.
Blessings, Michelle

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