Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Day of Prayer

Praise God for my freedom to pray!
Decorated envelope front.

Backside of envelop with enclosure of "Jesus painting".

Talk to Him!
Jesus invites you and me, as His children and in His name...

To come into his Father's presence,
To crawl up into His lap by faith,
To put our head on His shoulder of strength,
To feel His loving arms of protection around us,
And to pour out our hearts.

As God's only Son, Jesus took advantage of this same privilege of prayer.  His heart also must have ached to talk to His heavenly Father.  He too needed a loving listener, someone He could trust with His innermost thoughts and feelings.  Someone who would never betray or deny Him-which is one reason He prayed when there was no special reason to pray except that He simply wanted to talk.
So He...

Prayed privately,
Prayed publically,
Prayed alone,
Prayed with friends,
Prayed in crowds,
Prayed standing,
Prayed sitting,
Prayed kneeling,
Prayed on His face...
Prayed early in the morning,
Prayed late in the evening,
Prayed during the day,
Prayed all night.

Jesus prayed!  He loved to talk to His Father.

--Anne Graham Lotz (taken from her book "Expecting to See Jesus" {excellent read})

Praise God, thank you for prayer Father. 
Blessings, Michelle

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Thoughts for the day said...

That picture is so awesome and the picture that little Arianne (?) painted and if you ever read the book Heaven is for real written by a dad who is telling the story of his little boy who died, he had told his dad that JESUS really looked like that in real life. I like that story because the picture is so inviting and warm. Just wonderful.


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