Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilted Quilts for Clients

The baby quilt in pastels had each block with a Peter Rabbit character embroidered, it is magnificent, quilted with white thread some feathers and leafs and a simple frame. The fantastic bright star quilt was quilted in lime green thread with a swirl pattern which really made the stars pop. The brown/green table topper was very elegant looking and quilted up very pretty with a panto in the middle and then a sash and border. The blue/yellow was very cute with the bumble bee panto and the backing had the bees so it really is a cute novelty for a child's quilte. The cat quilt has a solid black background which showed the kitty panto off very well and the white thread blended well into the front panels.


Anonymous said...

Wow your quilting motifs are just fantastic!! I am so impressed with your ability to grasp the vision behind a quilt top and enhance that. Wonderful work!

*karendianne. said...

Oh I love your quilting on these quilts. Gosh, they're all lovely but those bee's really got me! I can tell you enjoy what you create. That's a sure sign of alignment with the creative source, God. (in my very humble opinion)

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle, I LOVE the fabrics on your Etsy shop...they are gorgeous... I love the cat quilting motif on the black fabric...very cool...Take care Lisa


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