Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pink Saturday-Photoshop Filters and Textures

Pink Saturday-stop on over to Beverly our lovely hostess and check out all of the links.

Before and Afters...just for FUN--
As I was visiting Pat, Artful Diva,,  from Last Pink Saturday, her post lead me to a new blog,, which lead me to another new blog, and so on.  Before you knew it I was hooked on using layers/textures in Photoshop, I had used filters before but not experiemented with layers.  Kim Klassen has a wonderful tutorial video, two on using layers in photoshop, watched them for 5 minutes and I was off.  So watch for me joining in Texture Tuesdays that Kim coordinates, so much fun to come.

From my garden, Before.  {very sweet fragance}
And a filter and layer texture and a little adjustment with opacity and the After.

Again the Before with so many possibilities awaiting.... which do you like the before shots or the manipulated afterward photos?
Happy Pink Saturday, have a great week, hugs, Michelle


Pat said...


I'm so happy to hear that you're joining Texture Tuesday. I've learned a ton from all the participants. Kim is very generous and knowledgeable!

Thanks again for mentioning me on your blog!

Valerie said...

Hi Michelle.

I'm really very much a novice at using Photoshop and even less knowledgeable about photography! I allow my camera to do the work for me and some digi scrapping to "dress them up." Your in a whole 'nother world!!! And while I really like them both...I guess I like the originals best. I'm just a simple girl at heart.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Marydon said...

Whoa! Awesome, Michelle. I'd never learn to do this but will sure enjoy yours.

Have a great weekend ~

Sallie said...

I like the before pictures the best, but it's fun to play with a camera!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Michelle Sweetie...
Oh how beautiful these are. I have Photoshop at work on my computer, but not at home. How pretty these are.

I love lilies and you just gave them a whole new life. These filters are just gorgeous. I am going to go over and visit as well, and watch the videos. Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

Hope you are surviving the heat in your part of this great country. We have been having some heat out here, but the new humidity we have been experiencing is more than I care to take. Last week we had some 60% days and oh my. To much. Just give me back the dry climate please.

Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry


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