Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes velvet cupcakes.  I made these on the weekend for my daughter...we came home and they just so happened to be being featured on the food channgel on TV, funny coincidence that made it all the more fun to enjoy these.  I found a great country store that sells some of this mix that I picked up before Christmas.  The cream cheese frosting is very rich, I made the oversized cupcakes for the first time and oh my they are sinful, but oh so good to eat.  It seems like cupcakes are such a rage now everywhere you look books, tv, blog, decorating them...they have really become such a celebrity....
So tell me have you made any celebrity cupcakes lately?  Are you make mini's, normal or extra large or one huge giant?  Are you making them for special occasions or just to make any day a special occasion?  What new type of cupcake or themed decorations are you trying?
Here's one site to check out, you are porbably all familiar with the name. 
 Hugs,. Michelle


dls said...

Yummmm is right.... however, it is terrible seeing these decadent creations and not being able to bite into one.... that is rather mean, don't you think?


Monica said...

Delicious!!!! Something that beautiful can't be bad, right?!


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